My Secret Diary


10th August


Last night. Killer, Snowball, Lucky and I met at the park. Killer said we were going to spend the night at a haunted graveyard. I didn’t like the sound of that one little bit but I didn’t want to let Snowball think I was afraid.

We sat beside a tombstone, in the middle of the graveyard. No one spoke. It was dark and spooky. I quaked uncontrollably but I don’t think anyone noticed. Just after the church bell struck midnight we spotted a ghostly cat shape creeping slowly towards us. I was terrified - so terrified that I couldn’t even run away. But as the ghost got closer it tripped over a rock and swore angrily. It was only Satan with a tea towel over his head. Killer and Snowball were in hysterics laughing. I had just begun telling them that it was a mean trick to play, when they shrieked and everyone ran away, leaving me all alone. I turned round to discover another one of Killer’s friends dressed as a ghost. His body was transparent and surrounded by a green, luminous glow - a brilliant costume I thought.

 “Booooo,” he said.

“Very funny,” I replied.

“Booooo,” he shrieked in his spookiest voice.

“Go away,” I said, irritably.

“Are you not afraid of the dead?” he asked in a thin eerie voice.

“There’s no such thing as ghosts,” I replied.

“Yes there is,” he said.

“No,” I declared, “they’re just tricks of the imaginations.”

“Are you sure?” he asked, in a concerned voice.

“Absolutely,” I insisted.

“Are you completely positive?”


With an unearthly wail, he vanished. What brilliant acting.


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Secret Diary of Adrian Cat
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