My Secret Diary


16th July


10:00 AM:        No! No! No! This can’t be happening! Someone must have grassed on me! I’ve been thrown into prison! It’s called Cattery-Prison and it’s a grim, dark place; from my tiny cell I can see row upon row of cells, each one filled with an evil, hardened criminal. This is a nightmare. I’d cry but I’m afraid the other inmates will hear and think that I’m weak.


4:25 PM:          During exercise break I was allowed out of my cell and was able to walk around the securely fenced exercise area. There were a number of other inmates there too. I was rather nervous that one might attack me but everyone was very civilized. I expect criminals have a code of honor. I met a pretty, grey Tonkinese called Duno Wong. She doesn’t look like a criminal but she admitted that a few days before being detained she had climbed onto the kitchen table and eaten a huge cream cake. Her humans must have shopped her - how terribly uncaring.

We spoke in hushed voices so as not to attract the attention of the guard.

“What are you in for?” she whispered.

“Stealing a woolly-blue-thingy-with-a-small-tinkly-bell.” I replied.

“Why did you steal that?” she asked, in an almost mocking voice.

“Everything has its purpose,” I replied coolly, not wanting to reveal that I am part of an organized criminal gang.

She told me that no one has had a trial or knows for how long they are to be imprisoned.


11:55 PM:        I can’t sleep. I’m too scared.  There could be a murderer in the next cell for all I know! I wish I could climb into my warm, cozy bed and cuddle up against my humans. Life is so unjust!


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