My Secret Diary


16th May

(St. Whiskas Day - Patron Saint of Overindulgence.)


When I awoke this morning the living room was full of brightly colored parcels. I was very excited. I love opening parcels. I love ripping paper too. But the moment I started, Skirt came rushing in yelling “bad boy.” I think “bad boy” translates into Cat-Language as “go for it” so it was confusing that she was telling me to tear open the parcels and at the same time hitting me with a towel. Humans never know what they want!


Brat came to help me open the presents - Skirt didn’t hit him with the towel. It took ages to unwrap everything but I am please to report that I got; a big blue ball, a toy car, a red plastic gun, a cuddly purple teddy bear, a tin of sticky tacky bouncy rubbery stuff, two jumpers, a pair of shoes and four big boxes with unidentifiable things in them. I have no use for the jumpers and shoes, so Brat can have these.

I scooped out the contents of the biggest box and spent an hour exploring the inside. Boxes are fascinating - they seem to posses mysterious qualities - I think one day it will be discovered that they contain secret portals into cat utopia.


Trillions of Brat’s friends came to the house and we had a brilliant party. The best part was bursting the balloons. I was best at it. The final balloon-bursting score was Me 8 - Brat’s Friends 1. The girl with the yellow dress got so excited when I burst her balloon that she cried until she nearly burst. Skirt served up big dishes of ice-cream and jelly but forgot to give me one. I ate as much as I could steal from the plates and am now so full I need to sleep. It has been a fun day!


Brat had a fun day too - he was sick all over his bedroom carpet.



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