My Secret Diary


17th July

9:00 AM:          Was woken out of a beautiful dream in which Snowball and I were married and living with the Queen. As we lay on her Queen sized bed she fed us caviar and kept apologizing for dropping my letter in the puddle.


The guards are going from cell to cell giving everyone their rations. For a prison the food isnít bad.


5:40 PM:          I met Morgan during exercise. Heís a rather scruffy looking cat of mixed breeding who comes from the rough side of town. This is his third stint inside - heís a hardened criminal. Clearly the penal system is not working. This time heís in for pooing in his humanís bed moments before she climbed in.


Morgan told me that organized crime is going on right under the guardsí noses. Apparently thereís trafficking in catnip, chocolate mice and all sorts of things. He says that for a collar you can get three dead sparrows. If only I had known I was to be imprisoned, I could have brought things to trade - but I have nothing so I wonít get any luxuries while Iím here.


5:58 PM:          Just before our cells were locked Morgan gave me some catnip - how kind of him.

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Secret Diary of Adrian Cat
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- M. T. DíLemma, 1908

I overheard my human say, ďYou are what you eatĒ. This is very worrying, for today Iíve eaten three mice and four frogs.
- Anx Hiety, 2011

I meow therefore I am.
I sleep therefore I am happy.
I purr therefore I am adored.
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