My Secret Diary


24th July

(70 years since scientist Professor Whizkats invented faux cat food. Sadly Whizkats died of food poisoning a few days later.)



10:05 PM:        What a day! My emotions have been put through the washing machine, dish washer and tumble drier!


In the morning I was grabbed from my cell and put into a basket. I was sure I was going to be given the death-penalty. As I was carried through the prison my heart fluttered uncontrollably. Two thoughts dominated my mind; in a civilized society, was the barbaric death-penalty acceptable - even for a heinous crime like stealing a woolly-blue-thingy-with-a-small-tinkly-bell then trying to escape from prison? and was I too late to call my lawyer?

But when the basket was opened I was in my humans’ car - not in the death-penalty room. They were all excited to see me. I was so ecstatic I peed all over Skirt - but she just laughed.

Soon we were home again. Brat was so happy to have me back he gave me lots of presents - the best one is a pink-mouse-on-a-string. For the rest of the day Trousers and Skirt took all the things out of the cases again while Brat and I played chases with my new pink mouse.


It’s so good to be free again.


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I overheard my human say, “You are what you eat”. This is very worrying, for today I’ve eaten three mice and four frogs.
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