My Secret Diary


25th April


I think that Old-Grey-Fur must have feline chromosomes - she sleeps almost as much as I do!


The Magpie nest, in Lucky’s garden, has grown so big it could house a family of pigs (if pigs could fly) and must be destroyed. I would climb up and wreck it myself but every since the Everest Expedition (failed) I have suffered from dendrophobia, the fear of trees. Lucky was nervous at having to destroy the nest himself, but I told him there was no need to worry for I would keep lookout and warn him if the birds returned.

Slowly, and somewhat reluctantly, Lucky climbed the tree and began edging along the narrow branch towards the nest. Diligently, I kept watch. As Lucky reached the nest the branch bent under his weight and he looked very precarious.

“Hurry up slowcoach,” I shouted encouragingly.

Lucky climbed into the nest and began the deconstruction work.

Something must have distracted me, for the next thing I knew the Magpies had landed on top of Lucky. They were mighty surprised to find a cat in their nest. The branch was surprised to find a huge nest, a cat and two magpies amongst its leaves and so decided to snap. As Lucky tumbled towards the ground one of the birds did a kamikaze attack into his stomach. It took an hour before Lucky could breath properly again - but at least the mission was accomplished. The nest has been unbuilt.


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Secret Diary of Adrian Cat
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