My Secret Diary


3rd August


As I rested under the rowan tree, Bobin landed on a branch above me.

“Fly up and sit with me,” he said.

“I can’t,” I replied.


“Because cats can’t fly.”


“Because we’re not birds.”


“Because nature wanted some creatures to live in the trees and some to live on the ground”


It suddenly occurred to me that perhaps the only reason that cats can’t fly is because no one has ever bothered trying. Maybe I could be the first cat to fly. I could soar above the trees, swoop across mountains, and even fly to the moon. I sat up on my hind legs and flapped my front paws. I didn’t move off the ground.

“Faster!” cried Bobin.

I flapped faster.


I flapped even faster.


“Look at stupid Adrian trying to fly,” came the irritating gruff voice of Brutus from across the fence.

I was too embarrassed to reply. I simply began washing my face as if that’s what I had intended doing all along.

“Don’t talk to Adrian like that,” said Bobin.

“What are you going to do about it, small fry?” growled Brutus.

“I’ll bash you,” chirped Bobin.

“You and whose army?” yelped Brutus.

Bobin flew out of the tree, hovered a few feet above Brutus and pooed straight into his right eye. Shrieking with pain and humiliation, Brutus rushed indoors to tell his humans what had happened.

I like Bobin!


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Secret Diary of Adrian Cat
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