About the authors
About the Authors


Stuart & Linda Macfarlane

Stuart Macfarlane is an SAP PDM Specialist (whatever that is). Linda Macfarlane is a Primary School Teacher Stuart and Linda have been married for thirty-three years - by happy coincidence this has been to each other. They share a home with their cat Mistoffelees - well to be more precise, Mistoffelees owns the home, Stuart and Linda merely pay the mortgage. Their two children Brian and Amanda are both lawyers. Stuart is a keen jogger and can often be seen running through the streets in his underwear. Linda runs too - but this takes the form of running through shopping malls buying as many expensive designer outfits as she can carry. They have written two other books about cats – “Utterly Adorable Cats” (which has been translated into 20 languages) and “The Little Book of Calm for Cats” plus some dozen other books. See below!!!

In 2007 Stuart ran the London, Edinburgh & Loch Ness Marathons to raise money for the wonderful charity "Hope for Children"

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Some of the other books by Stuart and Linda Macfarlane - Click on an image for more information.

Medusa Island - Coming 2008 Utterly Adorable Cats Calendar Stress Calendar Birthday Boy
Utterly Adorable Cats - availably in 20 languages.
The Little Book of the Internet.
The Little Book of Stress - available in 18 languages.
Sorry - available in 8 languages.
Over 30's Jokes - available in a number of languages.
The Little Book of Calm for Cats.
UWot?! - What those text messages really mean.
Old Wreck's Jokes - available in a number of languages.
To an Average Father      
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