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My Secret Diary

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Stuart & Linda Macfarlane

An adventure story for all cat lovers.

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About Adrian:

Adrian is no ordinary cat – he has ambitions. Not only does he want to become the most famous cat in the world but he’s also determined to create world peace between cats, dogs and mice.


Adrian’s life is full of complications! In an attempt to win the affections of the power crazed, but beautiful, Snowball he is forced to join a gang run by the most evil cat in town - Killer. But Killer also loves Snowball and he’s not going to let Adrian steal her away – not without a fight. On top of all of this Adrian has many adventures; he goes treasure hunting with a pirate parrot, saves the life of a fox and helps his best friend out of all sorts of trouble.


Whether you are nine or ninety-nine you will delight in Adrian’s escapades and mishaps so join him in his thrilling adventures and discover whether he can overcome all his problems to find love, fame and happiness.

“The Secret Diary of Adrian Cat” is a hilarious account of one-year in the life of Adrian Cat - perfect for teenagers and adults. It contains some very funny sophisticated humor.

The secret lives and loves of cats are revealed in this adventure novel, entitled “The Secret Diary of Adrian Cat” that peeks into a year in the life of the mischievous feline Adrian Cat. Adrian is having trouble keeping his new year's resolutions (especially "I will not be condescending to my humans"), and he's also adjusting to the fact that his humans have a new baby, his best friend needs constant help, and he's in love for the first time—with the angelic-seeming Snowball. But Snowball turns out to be less than perfect and tries to lead Adrian into organized crime. She forces him to join the evil cat Killer’s gang. After numerous misadventures he realizes that he does not love the beautiful but power-crazed Snowball and really loves the scruffy yet tender alley cat named Gypsy. After Killer’s gang runs Gypsy out of town, Adrian is forced to make some strange friends, fight the evil Killer and travel a rough road in order to convince Gypsy of his love.

Sunday March 2nd

Today I had an intellectual day - Snowball would be impressed (if we were speaking).

Wrote a poem entitled DesideCata. I am thinking of becoming a cat laureate!

Stroll placidly amid the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in a long tranquil nap. As far as possible, without being in any way humble, be on good terms with all creatures - with the obvious exception of dogs. Meow your desires loudly and clearly and occasionally listen to others, even your human, for she may be calling you for dinner. Avoid the company of fleas, they are vexations to both spirit and body. Enjoy your achievements - particularly wallpaper lovingly scratched and pieces of string thoroughly chased. Keep interest in your career, there will always be a need for good mousers in the changing fortunes of time. Be yourself; especially do not feign affection - except when you need a warm lap to sleep on. Neither be cynical about the love of cream, for through your charmed and enchanted existence it is as perennial as the grass it comes from.

Take kindly the council of the years and rejoice in the fact that you have nine lives.

Nurture arrogance of spirit to shield you from sudden misfortune such as getting stuck up a tree. But do not distress yourself with imaginings. Many fears are born out of getting less than twenty hours sleep in a day. Beyond a wholesome discipline be gentle with yourself and groom yourself frequently. You are a cat of the universe, so much greater than humans and dogs; you have a right to be served. And even though you may sleep through most of it, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. With all its snacks, adventures and peaceful dreams, it is truly a beautiful world. Be content. Continue to be happy.
Can Adrian overcome the evil Killer and find love and happiness?

3rd January

I am in love! The most beautiful white Persian has just walked through my garden. Unfortunately my inconsiderate humans are out so all I could do was gawk passionately at her from my bedroom window. As she slinked through the hedge I’m sure she glanced back and smiled at me. As soon as I can get out I will search relentlessly until I find my soul mate.


5th January

I met my darling White-Beauty in the park this morning. Her real name is Snowball – such a pretty name. We went for a romantic walk along the canal and past the Sewage Works. She told me everything about herself; the naughty things she did as a kitten, the human family she has adopted and all her likes and dislikes. What she forgot to tell me is that she already has a boyfriend – Killer! When he spotted us on the canal bridge rubbing heads he was not amused. It took all day for my fur to dry out.


13th January

Met Snowball on the way home. She wants me to win her heart by challenging Killer to a duel. Really, how barbaric. What century does she live in? Modern etiquette dictates that the way to woo a lady-cat is to present her with a love token such as a decapitated mouse or a comatose robin.


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