Extracts from the Book
9th January
Discovered that the vetís blood is the same color as my humansí.

Scored off resolution number two.

10th January
Spent the entire day thinking about how to become famous. After much deliberation and many naps, I decided to be a World Famous
Mouse Trainer.

My Plan:

1) Catch mouse.
2) Train it to do amazing tricks, like juggling balls and jumping through fiery hoops.
3) Remember not to eat the mouse.
4) Become world famous.

My plan will require oodles of dedicated work and will be difficult to fit into my hectic sleeping schedule. Itís such a burden being an
ambitious cat! I will put my plan into action first thing tomorrow morning.

My litter tray has still not been cleaned and I am reduced to doing my business in the garden like a common cat.

11th January

11:59 PM: Slept all day Ė will start being world famous tomorrow.

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