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We always thought that our cat Adrian spent all of his time either eating or sleeping. Can you imagine what a shock we got when we found his diary and discovered that his life is filled with adventure and excitement?

 In fact in the past year alone, he’s been the member of a gang, gone treasure hunting with a pirate parrot, saved the life of a fox and married a cat that, just a few weeks ago, we were chasing out of our house. On top of all of this he’s still found time to help his best friend, Lucky, out of all sorts of trouble and has attempted to fulfil his ambition of being the most famous cat in the world.

 Yes Adrian truly is a remarkable cat. If you are a cat lover, or just someone who likes adventures, we’re sure that you love reading Adrian’s diary every bit as much as we have.

Stuart & Linda Macfarlane


1st January (Feline New Year)
I am determined to become wiser, braver, and humbler. By the end of the year I will be idolized by everyone.

1) I will not be condescending to my humans.
2) I will not maul the vet.
3) I will only give my best friend Lucky really, really good advice.
4) I will not be afraid of Killer – the evil cat who rules the Lane.
5) I will be decisive – particularly about being in or out.
6) I will become the world’s most famous cat.
7) I will not get fleas.
8) Most importantly: I will promote world peace between cats, dogs and mice.

11:59 PM: I managed to keep every single one of my resolutions - all day! Though, to be honest, numbers one and five were extremely
difficult. Humans and doors are so frustrating. Only another 364 days to go, so I’m confident I can keep all my resolutions.

Slept a meager 21 hours today – I think I might be suffering from insomnia.

3rd January

11:00 AM: My young human, Brat, was playing with his silly remote control car again. I hate the way he plays “crashes” while I’m asleep
on the floor. My body aches from the tip of my whiskers to the tip of my tail.

3:20 PM: I am in love! The most beautiful white Persian has just walked through my garden. Unfortunately my inconsiderate humans are out
so all I could do was gawk passionately at her from my bedroom window. As she slinked through the hedge I’m sure she glanced back and
smiled at me. As soon as I can get out I will search relentlessly until I find my soul mate.

4th January

No sign of my heartthrob, White-Beauty, today. I looked everywhere. Killer almost caught me as I sneaked along the Lane. He threatened to
bite my ears off. There is something seriously wrong with that cat! He obviously hasn’t made a resolution to promote world peace between
cats, dogs and mice.

I’m so forlorn that even food doesn’t interest me. I only ate to please my humans. I feel that if they go to all the trouble of opening the cans,
the least I can do is eat the contents.

Spent the evening slipping off Skirt’s lap. She’s getting so fat there’s hardly any room for me. I should have stopped her eating all those
chocolates over the holidays.

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© 2006, The Secret Diary of Adrian Cat